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Diploma in English Language Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages.
If you have substantial experience of teaching English to speakers of other languages, and are ready to progress your career, you need the DELTA.

Updated Delta from September 2008

Following a comprehensive review, the DELTA course comprises now three Modules, which replace the syllabus from September 2008.

Please see below information taken from the Cambridge website and feel free to follow the links for a detailed and comprehensive description of the course. Here is a summary of the benefits as listed on the Cambridge website:

Flexible entry points for candidates;
The Delta Modules can be taken in stages over a period of time that can fit with career and other commitments;
Opportunity to focus on specialist teaching, e.g. teaching young learners, business English;
More flexible delivery, e.g. blended learning options;
Individual modules can be taken as part of a programme of continuous professional development (CPD);
Certificates for partial achievement, e.g. development as general English teacher.

Key questions and answers which explain how the modular structure works and how the revised version differs from current DELTA.

For more information, download the Syllabus Specifications for Delta from 2008.

Learn more about the Delta Modules

Another great reason for doing the DELTA…
ElGazette online in its July 01, 2011 issue reports that Ofqual, the regulator of exams in England and Northern Ireland, has recently recognised Cambridge ESOL’s DELTA qualification for EFL teachers as equal in level to a masters degree or professional diploma in the UK and throughout the EU.

We are now one of the only 6 centres in Italy accredited to offer DELTA Module 2. We also offer Modules 1 and 3, but Module 2 is only offered as a taught module.

Please note that acceptance on the course is not automatic. All candidates must fill in the application form and pre interview tasks and e-mail or fax them back to us.
Please use this lesson plan when preparing your application.
For Cambridge assessment purposes, it is also necessary to send a hard copy of the application form complete with passport photo.
Interviews can be conducted via Skype or at Giga; we will contact you to make arrangements following receipt of your forms.

E-mail applications should be sent to the following address:

Hard copies should be sent to:
Teacher Training Department
Giga International House – Catania

Viale M.Rapisardi, 23
95123 Catania

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